Components that gather multiple Articles

Components can gather multiple aritcles either:

  • via manually curated "collection"  or
  • via a filtered "list" (ie. by article type, tag, date range etc)

Article Lists

Article lists can be created using the generic ArticleList component.  However, most content types will also have a specialised 'list' component.   

The Autoview component will also create lists of articles, but will also look at the request for an ID or slug - and if found, display the article using a template for 'single view'.

Both the "list" and "autoview" components can be configured to look at the request for filtering and paging. They are also supported by components to genarate menus, lists and widgets such as a calendar which can be used to search and filter the list.

Article Collections

Articles can be collected using the generic ArticleCollection component.  Unlike the list component, which will select all articles matching some criteria, the collection component requires the Administrator to select the articles.

There are various specialised Articlecollection style components - including

  • Product cards
  • Image Carousels
  • Image Grids
  • Masonry walls